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Kate Frost
All Wives Cheat Kate Frost
Kate's man suspected her of stepping out on him, but didn't have any proof. He came to us looking for evidence, like with many partners looking for answers, he didn't like what he found. She was fucking behind his back, alright...
Sophia Lynn
All Wives Cheat Sophia Lynn
Sophia Lynn has been a sloppy cheater! Her lies have finally caught up with her...girl's nights out, extra gym sessions, personal phone calls...this bitch couldn't even come up with something clever to cover her dirty deeds...

Shelby Chase
All Wives Cheat Shelby Chase
Shelby Chase was doing like her name says, chasing random cock on the side. Well her man started to wonder if something was up and came to us. We sent our boy in to see if she'd take the bait. After a couple dates, she we...
Michelle Myers
All Wives Cheat Michelle Myers
Peyton's lover Michelle has been acting pretty suspicious lately so she wanted to find out what's been really going on. We did some digging and found out that this lipstick lesbian likes a good dick too! She had no problem banging our...

Mimi Allen
All Wives Cheat Mimi Allen
Cheyenne was worried about her girlfriend Mimi? Wait a sec, we're used to girls cheating on guys, but girls cheating on girls?? To top it off, we only had a few days to get the dirt while they were still on vacation... There's a twist to...
Madison Minx
All Wives Cheat Madison Minx
When you love something, let it go. . .if it comes back, then it isn't Madison Minx! This hot babe is just too horny to stick with one guy. Watch our All Wives Cheat crew expose the infidelity with all the racy details! Who knew that cheating...

All Wives Cheat Roxy
Roxy's husband came to us because he thought his wife was cheating on him. So we had our guy pretend to be a personal trainer so that he could get closer to her. Didn't take long for this skank to get sweaty with our guy! When her...
Michelle Honeywell
All Wives Cheat Michelle Honeywell
Michelle's fiance has been getting suspicious of his bride to be. It seems like she's been lying about shopping with her friend and he wants to find out before they tie the knot. One week left before the wedding and he hired us to get...

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Rabbits Reviews:
"All Wives Cheat makes a bold assertion and backs it up by bringing you all kinds of attached hotties cheating on their partners. It's even open-minded enough to include lesbians and bisexual babes who cheat on their female lovers, despite them not being legally married. I guess that might nix any plans to move to Vermont. Don't worry, though, because this site doesn't challenge the sanctity of marriage. No, no, they perform a public service of sorts. They let the spouses and betrayed loved ones watch the infidelity.

Yes, AllWivesCheating is truly classy, but it might warrant spelling it with a capital "K," in my opinion. All the same, I appreciate that they show that even the fairer sex is capable of straying and that cheating is not the domain of males alone. Chicks in committed relationships also seek the solace of a stranger's dick and you can see it all in 10 videos with high-def playback. You might feel cheated by the small amount, but at least they're committed on the quality front.

It helps, of course, that they send out a real stud as bait. I suppose that these poor gals can't be blamed for wanting a guy in good shape who's really hung - their hubbies might be getting chubby. For the women who are with other women maybe the real thing becomes a curiosity after so much strap-on sex. My favorite scene is when a lovely lady named Mimi Allen steps out on her lesbian sweetheart Cheyenne. It ends in a bit of a catfight, so in spite of her justifiable anger, I can't help feeling even more turned on by unfaithfulness.

There are 10 high-res photo sets to download in Zip files. There's also an automatic slideshow, so you can watch the story retold in pictures as the hardcore action unfolds in frame after crisp frame. When you see how hot some of these nubile cheaters are, you'll wonder how anyone, male or female, thought he or she could keep them from straying. You'd have to keep them on a very short leash, because for sure they were going to fall prey to the lusts of outsiders.

It has been about three weeks since the last update, but there's a lot more content to be had with 35 full-access bonus sites, including MILFs Want Big Cocks, Naughty Amateur Home Videos, Needy Wives, MILF Cruiser and First Time Wife Swappers. AllWivesCheat is small, but its huge bonus network makes it worth joining."

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